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How do I get from point A to point B in the countryside? What are the advantages of an electric car in the subscription model? And what will our mobility look like in 20 years? "2 Strangers for Mobility" approaches topics such as mobility and digitization differently and brings together people who don't know who they are talking to. One of the experts is always from Daimler Mobility AG, and the other comes from research, journalism, or the start-up scene, depending on the topic of the podcast. Together, our guests look beyond their own horizons, provide deep insights into their subject area, and surprise each other with thought-provoking impulses.

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In the first episode of "2 Strangers for Mobility", the Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler Mobility AG Franz Reiner speaks about sustainability and digitalization in connection with corporate mobility, but also about the influence of a pandemic and its impact on remote working. His interview counterpart is Steffen Krautwasser, SAP Head of Global Car Fleet, who recently received the ‘European Green Fleet Manager of the Year’ award.

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In the second episode of the podcast "2 Strangers for Mobility" stay tuned as we surprise the head of the Blockchain Factory, Harry Behrens, as he meets YouTube star for Bitcoin, stocks, gold and Co, Julian Hosp. They will explain Blockchain, where and how it is used for mobility and what challenges we’ll expect to see in the future.

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In this third episode of "2 Strangers for Mobility", the former head of strategy Daniel van Treeck (now CEO for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary) meets the well-known mobility blogger Don Dahlmann. Together, they put their heads together to look at how Corona influences our mobility behavior, why more and more people are leasing cars instead of buying them, and what mobility alternatives are available on the market.

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In the fourth episode Transformation expert and author Sabine Kluge meets Chief Operating Officer Jörg Lamparter meets. These are our guests in the latest episode of "2 Strangers for Mobility", "Corporate Transformation". Both have several decades of transformation experience under their belts and agree that effective change always begins when we leave our comfort zone.

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In the 5th episode of “2 Strangers for Mobility”, Stephan Unger, Member of the Board of Management for Finance, Controlling and Digital Mobility Solutions at Daimler Mobility AG, and Dr. Peter Renkel, CEO of mobility finance platform GmbH, will examine the opportunities and challenges of car banks from two different perspectives. Against the background of the increasing digitalization and electrification of the automotive industry, the business models of the automotive banks are facing major changes. Speed and transparency are required in vehicle financing and leasing business, as well as a fully digital customer experience.

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In the sixth podcast episode of “2 Strangers for Mobility”, Robin Schmid, e-mobility blogger, and Benedikt Schell, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Bank, discuss if electric vehicles are our future. From charging infrastructure to holidays with electric vehicles, the two give a good insight on the status quo of e-mobility and on how they can contribute to the change in their respective roles. Tune in!

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