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Daimler Insurance Services is the insurance service provider of Daimler Mobility and therefore of Daimler AG. We offer our customers high-performance motor vehicle insurance. Within the Daimler Group, we are responsible for all company insurance policies, and through our pension and insurance service we offer protection and additional benefits for all employees of the Daimler Group.

Anyone who purchases, finances or leases a vehicle from Daimler AG also wants the right protection. With our customized offers in the area of automotive insurance (e.g. motor insurance, warranty insurance), we provide comprehensive protection for Daimler customers in over 40 markets and ensure that the vehicle is always repaired by experts in accordance with manufacturer specifications in the event of damage.

Daimler Insurance Services GmbH manages a premium volume of over 3.5 billion euros. In Germany, Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG has successfully established itself as a warranty insurer in the aftermarket since its launch in 2016 and already has over 400,000 contracts in its portfolio.

Daimler Insurance Services: At the cutting edge

We are constantly developing our company and our products for you. One keyword is innovative, telematics-based insurance solutions like Pay-How-You-Drive. Customers can actively influence the amount of the insurance premium through their driving style. We offer corresponding products in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain, among others.

We also support electrification with new insurance offerings. With a new electrical protection module, Mercedes-Benz Bank offers comprehensive insurance protection to make it as easy as possible for customers to switch to CO2-neutral mobility. The module is automatically added to comprehensive insurance policies for electric and hybrid vehicles and therefore does not incur any additional costs for customers. Included are e.g. an all-risk cover* for the battery, towing to the next charging station in case of unintentional discharge of the battery as well as protection of the wallbox and charging cable.

The divisions of Daimler Insurance Services

GAI provides tailor-made insurance solutions for end customers and dealers such as car insurance, warranty extension, GAP, purchase price protection or residual debt insurance for vehicle segments in the Daimler Group.

As in-house brokers for Daimler AG, the two divisions procure insurance cover for the Group’s global insurance programs from primary insurers and reinsurers. The aim is to protect the Group against material damage to property, plant and equipment and any resulting loss of earnings, as well as against third-party liability claims.

As a group-owned insurance company, Mercedes-Benz Versicherung AG insures the warranty promises of Mercedes-Benz and smart dealerships for passenger cars and vans in Germany. With the extended warranty products of Mercedes-Benz Versicherung for Mercedes-Benz and smart, end customers receive guaranteed comfort and security for up to 12 years with protection against unforeseeable repair costs.

The goal of Daimler Reinsurance is to ensure that the insured customer can be assured that the insurer can meet the (financial) needs of the customer at all times. For this reason, Daimler Re participates in the brokered insurance coverage as an in-house reinsurer.

Well insured in all stages of life. For more than 20 years, Daimler VVD arranges individual Insurance solutions for employees of the Daimler Group and its subsidiaries. The aim is to make colleagues feel at their best, not only at work, but also in their private lives - so that they can achieve their private and professional goals and feel confident in looking into the future.

You can find further information on the Daimler VVD website.

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