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Although the new world of mobility is multifaceted, our reasons for being mobile can be summed up under two main headings: private or business reasons. And here it should be noted that employees are increasingly acting as sponsors of private drives. As a result, companies are playing a key role in the mobility transition. Daimler Mobility covers all facets of corporate mobility with its companies and equity interests. An overview.

To sum up all the products of the companies and holdings, the offerings of Daimler Mobility are tailored to serve the three core areas of corporate mobility: vehicle procurement across all vehicle segments, fleet management for smooth business operations, and mobility for individual employees for business trips and as an incentive for private use. The individual companies complement one another, and together they form a corporate mobility powerhouse.

Through financing, leasing, rental, subscriptions, carsharing, ride hailing, and a premium chauffeur service, companies receive customized mobility for their employees, whether it’s for professional or private purposes. With a comprehensive range of services that is matched by few other financial service provider of a car manufacturers, Daimler Mobility stands by the side of companies as a strong mobility partner.

Mobility consulting with Athlon

In many companies, fleet and travel costs are among the biggest cost items. The spectrum of mobility options and their applications in companies is more diverse today than ever before, and employee requirements are also more individualized than ever. Consequently, companies are well advised to rely on professional support in order to be efficient in the long term. Athlon, the fleet specialist at Daimler Mobility, has more than 100 years of experience with innovative fleet solutions, and that makes it a strong partner for companies. The mobility experts at Athlon work together with customers in Europe to assess their companies’ corporate mobility policy with regard to sustainability and profitability.

The first step is a comprehensive analysis of the company’s and its employees’ mobility needs. Do the company’s mobility offerings meet the requirements of its business operations as well as its employees’ needs? Are electric vehicles suitable for the company fleet, and is it possible to motivate employees by means of a mobility budget, for example? Will today’s approach still be suitable tomorrow? All of these questions are answered in the course of a mobility analysis. Athlon continues to be available to its customers for the implementation of the resulting measures, whether it’s a matter of procuring vehicles, managing the fleet or integrating alternative mobility solutions.

Vehicle procurement

Before procuring new vehicles, companies must answer some key questions: Why are we acquiring this vehicle in the first place? Should it serve our business operations, take technicians and salespeople to their workplaces, or serve as a privately used company car to motivate management and specialist employees to deliver top performance? Which drive systems are best suited to these tasks — diesel, plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle? Which brands and models match the company’s corporate image?

Athlon takes on the complex task of working together with the customer in Europe to establish a clear set of rules for company cars that provides orientation for both fleet managers and employees. This set of rules, the Car Policy, establishes the vehicles’ period of use and budget, as well as the type of financing to be used. Whether the vehicles are bought, leased or rented, with clear rules the procurement processes are largely automatic.

Through its brands, Daimler Mobility offers companies globally a comprehensive range of options for procuring vehicles. Taken together, the financing, leasing, and rental offers from Athlon, Daimler Truck Financial, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility and Mercedes-Benz Bank cover all vehicle segments: cars, vans, trucks, and buses. Daimler Mobility thus provides companies with all vehicle classes from a single source, with Athlon passenger cars and vans also being available regardless of brand.

Our Core Activities

Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services und Daimler Truck Financial supply customers with vehicles of all classes from Daimler AG, ranging from cars to vans, trucks, and buses — including modified special-purpose vehicles for specific applications. Get financial leeway with individually tailored financing and leasing solutions such as seasonal rate financing or usage-based leasing rates. In addition to private and small commercial customers and Mercedes-Benz-only fleets, car rental companies, public authorities and the cab industry also purchase their Mercedes-Benz vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Bank and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. As a multi-brand brand, Athlon offers in Europe car and van models from many different automakers. Because of the variety of models it offers above and beyond the Daimler brands, Athlon is especially interesting as a mobility partner for big companies that want to offer their employees a range of brands while at the same time having a single leasing partner for all of their company cars. In addition, Daimler Mobility offer companies the option of leasing used vehicles. That way companies generally benefit from more favorable leasing rates, and when the leasing contracts elapse they have the option of extending the contracts without any red tape. That way they can stay flexible even in financially difficult times.

By means of flexible rental models, Daimler Mobility safeguards companies’ short-term and long-term mobility while keeping the financial risk low. Via Mercedes-Benz Rent and Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility, companies have the option of renting cars and vans of the smart and Mercedes-Benz brands. The rental fleet of Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility covers the full Mercedes-Benz Vans product range with a mix of standard and industry vehicles, including several rental vehicles with special equipment for passenger transport or the transport of goods, such as refrigerated vehicles or pharmaceutical transporters. Electric vans also belong to the rental fleet. Via Athlon customers can rent vehicles of all brands, with an optional full-service supplement.

When companies rent a vehicle, they receive a complete overview of the costs, because they pay only a fixed monthly rate that includes the motor vehicle tax, servicing, insurance, and liability insurance in case of an accident. By using rented vehicles, companies can increase the capacity of their vehicle fleets and react flexibly to changes in their workforce.

An especially flexible and increasingly popular variant of long-term leasing is the vehicle subscription. With subscription models by Daimler Mobility, employees enjoy even more flexibility in terms of contract duration and vehicle selection. On the one hand, this serves as an opportunity to boost motivation; on the other, it enables employees to test vehicles before signing a longer-term leasing contract or switching to an electric vehicle, for example through a Mercedes-Benz Rent EQC or EQV subscription.

Carsharing is the shortest form of rental, and it’s part of many companies’ mobility concept. In corporate carsharing, no company vehicles are assigned to specific individuals. Instead, each employee borrows a vehicle from a vehicle pool for his or her upcoming business trip and returns it when the trip is over. Having fewer vehicles in the fleet means lower costs. In addition, if vehicles are freely available, many companies permit their employees to use them for private purposes as well. This boosts employees’ motivation. Through Athlon, European companies also integrate corporate car sharing into their company. Whenever an employee needs to travel, he or she reserves a vehicle via the central booking platform. Only the actual use of the vehicles is billed. Insurance, assistance in case of damage or a breakdown, maintenance, and cleaning are already included in the Athlon Share package.

Fleet management

A large vehicle fleet requires sophisticated management. That includes the organization and handling of vehicle procurement including delivery and registration, the operational management of the fleet, the subsequent return of the vehicles, and communication with the drivers. As one of the leading providers of fleet management in Europe, Athlon offers professional corporate fleet management system that depicts, monitors, and optimizes all of the processes involved. Athlon covers the whole spectrum of fleet services in its full-service leasing program.

To supplement the leasing and financing options for cars and vans, Mercedes-Benz Bank customers in Germany who choose Business Leasing Plus also receive the appropriate auto insurance. Customers who choose Product Service Leasing receive the most important services such as maintenance, repairs, and tire service. The Mercedes-Benz Bank also offers expanded insurance and service options to its commercial vehicle customers. CharterWay Service Leasing is a combination of traditional truck leasing and extensive repair and maintenance services. The offer for buses can be expanded by adding the OMNIplus service component.


Many fleet managers are still somewhat hesitant when it comes to electric mobility. Which electric vehicles are suitable for their fleets? Which charging options do the employees need for smooth utilization? And how do companies install the necessary power supply equipment on their premises? Via the fleet specialist Athlon, Daimler Mobility supports companies in Europe as they switch to electric mobility by providing them with customized solutions for all of their charging needs. The services provided by the specialized key account managers at Athlon range from comprehensive consulting and support regarding all aspects of electric mobility to the provision of a suitable fleet of electric vehicles and the installation and commissioning of charging stations at the company’s location or home charging stations at the employees’ homes. To provide these services, Athlon cooperates with specialized partners for charging infrastructure.

Most companies are not able or willing to control all of their fleet processes themselves. Instead of a specialist unit within the company, service providers take on the responsibility for performing individual tasks for the fleet. As a leasing company and a supplier of fleet management, Athlon offers European customers a carefree full-service leasing option for cars and vans. Athlon provides the vehicle and performs all the services connected with it, such as providing a fuel card, tire changes, maintenance, breakdown assistance, fine management, driver’s license verification and the management of taxes.

Connectivity solutions such as PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW for Business make it easier for drivers of company vehicles to do their daily work. Thanks to the PARK NOW app, drivers pay parking fees without cash and fleet managers receive a uniform bill for the parking fees of all company vehicles via the app. Via CHARGE NOW for Business, drivers of company vehicles pay for electricity at more than 170,000 public charging points, and the fleet manager receives a full report of all charging processes as well as a collective bill.

With offers such as Mercedes pay as well as the use of artificial intelligence and Blockchain, Daimler Mobility is driving the digitalization of business mobility. From procurement and booking through activation and use and ending with payment and billing, Daimler Mobility interconnects and simplifies the entire process chain of business mobility.

The all-round carefree package also includes the right insurance protection. Daimler Mobility offers companies comprehensive insurance solutions for their fleets, which can vary from country to country. The insurance solutions include vehicle insurance, passenger protection, a mobility service in the event of an accident, an extended warranty, and GAP insurance in the event of theft or total loss.

Employee mobility

Why do we actually want to be mobile? There are three types of motivation: We have to get from A to B in order to do our jobs, or commute to the office, or make a variety of trips for private reasons. Modern employers are trying to cover all three of these areas by means of innovative mobility concepts. In doing so they need to harmonize four factors: Corporate mobility has to be economical, environmentally friendly, practical, and motivating. The best way to meet these requirements is to use a mobility budget.


When it comes to company cars, employees have long had a range of options. The car policy ultimately determines a company car’s class, equipment, and engine type. At Athlon, customers like to choose a more economical car, which in turn means a smaller car with a less powerful engine that generates lower levels of CO2 emissions. How does Athlon motivate people to make such a choice? Instead of traditional leasing, Athlon offers a monthly mobility budget. The employee receives the amount that is left over at the end of the month. Alternatively, the employee leases an e-bike, uses the monthly remainder to rent a convertible for the weekend or a van for moving, or takes advantage of carsharing and a job ticket.

Through the services of the YOUR NOW joint ventures we offer a broad spectrum of urban mobility. The SHARE NOW carsharing services give business travelers maximum flexibility. Travelers can also use the FREE NOW app to cover the last few meters to their destination via taxi, a rental car with driver, e-scooter or e-bike. FREE NOW Business offers even more services for companies, such as calling a taxi by pushing a button at the company’s reception desk or providing an online ordering system especially for receptionists. To companies that are looking for a more sophisticated limousine service, we offer the chauffeur services of Blacklane and StarRides in China, which transports business travelers to their business meetings even over longer distances.

Via Athlon, Daimler Mobility offers companies a salary conversion model that benefits employees and employers alike. The calculation is straightforward: Instead of earning more money per month after the next pay raise, an employee may choose to have the use of a company car. This means that both the employer and the employee will save on taxes. Besides, the employee will be more motivated and the fleet manager will improve his or her purchasing conditions with the vehicle suppliers because of the higher take-up of vehicles in the fleet.

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