Daimler Mobility is the contact for start-ups Radically innovative. Optimally connected.

We actively promote partnerships and collaboration with start-ups. We have globally established platforms to scout start-ups and draw on the best and most innovative technologies. To this end, we have created a central contact point: the Startup Intelligence Center (SIC).

In a successful pitch, start-ups from the mobility, fintech and insurtech sectors receive financial support and gain access to our global network of experts and customers. The success stories in this arena include today's market leaders: SHARE NOW, FREE NOW, FlixMobility, Blacklane, AutoGravity and Mercedes pay, which are all part of our portfolio. The companies were either founded by us or supported by early investments.

To survive in today's digital world, we need to create unique customer experiences. Customers expect products and services that are convenient, intuitive, time-saving and deliver real value. To do this, we need strong and innovative partners that we can find in the startup world.

Jörg Lamparter Member of the Management Board for Digital & Mobility Solutions

We are partners and investors

We offer several ways to collaborate: as a technology partner, investor or project-based collaboration partner. Our fundamental goal is to advance promising ideas quickly and easily and to implement and scale innovative products. In particular, we focus on ideas from the fields of virtual and augmented reality, mobile payment, big data analytics, artificial and emotional intelligence, blockchain and mobility services..

Partnership at your fingertips

Start-ups that are interested in a collaboration or partnership have a central open platform: Startup Intelligence Center. The "Get in touch ” button allows you to present your ideas and the people behind them. Once sent, an initial review considers whether an idea or product matches our search fields and global strategy. If your idea is a match, you are invited to pitch the idea to a panel of experts.

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