Smart City: The Role of Daimler Mobility

With our smart mobility services, we already support cities today in making mobility easier and more sustainable. Our goal: a Smart City. But what exactly is a Smart City, what benefits do we expect from it, and what contribution can Daimler Mobility make?

Quieter, cleaner and greener. Is this what the city of the future will look like? Will cars automatically reduce their speed in the future if the traffic situation requires it? Can people use an app to find the right means of transport for the fastest and greenest route? Is this utopia, or is this just around the corner?

With our technologies and innovations, we pursue the goal of a Smart City. A city that improves people's lives through efficiency, technological progress, environmentally-friendly resource management and social inclusion. Mobility in particular poses a major challenge in this context.

What does a Smart City look like?

This is best achieved together. Our Urban Mobility Team is working on additional mobility cooperations with cities and municipalities and is at their side as a competent contact partner. We want to play an active role with our offers, so that a big idea becomes reality.

Smart cities are all about combining data with technologies in the areas of traffic, energy and data management and making life more pleasant for their inhabitants. One could say smart cities promote sustainable living through digital technology.

The key topics of a Smart City

  • Mobility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Resource Management
  • Social Inclusion
  • Improvement of the General Quality of Life

What is Daimler Mobilty AG working on?

We have successfully promoted and further developed the three pillars of Daimler Mobility Services - carsharing, ride-hailing and mobility as a service. Our intensive cooperation with the BMW Group is of central importance in this context. Also, we acquired stakes in the US market leader in peer-to-peer carsharing Turo and the Via car-sharing service. These are all promising companies with which we were able to further expand our strong position in the mobility market. .

What does life in a Smart City look like?

Together with cities, we are working on further mobility collaborations. They should be well matched and provide our customers with the right means of transport at all times. We are actively approaching cities and helping them shape the future of mobility. Read here how life in such a Smart City looks like in concrete terms and how it can make an impact on your everyday life:

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