Blockchain at Daimler Mobility

Blockchain is much more than just a buzzword at Daimler Mobility. The upcoming technology, which has the potential to disrupt the financial services industry as we know it, is at the center of several of our in-house developed use cases over the past few years. The centre of our work with Blockchain: the Blockchain Factory

Daimler Mobility currently exploring many different applications of blockchain technology and identifying how we can integrate the technology into our processes through various situations. In order to do so, we set up an international ‘blockchain swarm’ sponsored by Udo Neumann, Global Chief Information Officer at Daimler Mobility. The swarm stands for an international and agile working team operating from all markets.

The opportunities and possible applications of Blockchain

Interview with Dr. Harry Behrens

Dr. Harry Behrens is Head of Blockchain Factory at Daimler Mobility. Behrens has been working intensively with Blockchain since 2012 and started the first Blockchain swarm of Daimler Mobility in 2016. In the interview, Behrens explains the opportunities and applications of Blockchain and what his Blockchain Factory is currently working on.

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Blockchain at Daimler Mobility

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