Artificial intelligence at Daimler Mobility

The automotive finance and mobility landscape is changing at a fast pace. Daimler Mobility embraces innovations like artificial intelligence to ensure future competitiveness, from fully digitizing our finance and leasing businesses to mobility at your fingertips.

Based on machine learning, we are developing new functions for our financial and mobility services. That's why many of our innovations are designed to deliver a fully digital, efficient, and integrated customer experience. However, intelligent assistance systems also allow us to experience a new form of individual support by AI in our working world. As a financial services provider, for example, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the forecasting of our global business activities. For this purpose, Daimler Mobility uses complex algorithms to create forecasts and derive concrete measures from them.

The development of increasingly efficient and technically sophisticated systems will also increase the utilization of AI. It's less a question of whether, but rather of how this technology will change products, processes, and working methods. The one thing we must always keep in mind is that technology ought to serve human beings, rather than the other way around. Ethical aspects must not be an afterthought — they have to play a central role, long before we launch a technology on the market.

Artificial intelligence: Four principles

For this reason, Daimler has committed itself to four principles regarding artificial intelligence — in order to be able to deal with AI responsibly and sustainably. First, the responsible use of AI must be safeguarded by making sure that it is compatible with our corporate values. Secondly, we commit ourselves to a high degree of transparency in order to promote trust in artificial intelligence. Thirdly, data protection and respect for individual privacy must always be safeguarded — not as an afterthought but already in the development phase. And fourthly, AI-supported technology must operate safely and reliably. That applies especially to cases in which the technology continues to learn or in which it is subjected to attacks from outside.

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