Our Core Values make the difference

It’s the values we practice every day that make Daimler Mobility a very special company and a Great Place to Work. The transformation of Daimler Mobility into an integrated provider of financial and mobility services has involved many changes. But one thing will not change: our core values. Since 2003 they have accompanied our company, shaped it, and guided each one of our employees.

Integrity, Openness & Respect

Integrity creates trust. The trust of our customers, our business partners, and our employees are the foundation of our success. Only in a workplace where trust, honesty, transparency, and fair and respectful interaction set the tone can valuable cooperation take place. Integrity, openness, and respect are basic preconditions for ensuring that our employees and, above all, our customers feel comfortable — with our daily work and what we stand for.

Inspired, Empowered & Diverse People

Our core values make the difference — but it’s the people who practice these values every day who are our greatest strength. Each one of our employees has his or her own skills, convictions, and ideas — and all of them make us unique. Inspired, empowered, and diverse employees are the many different voices, personalities, and perspectives that come together within our company and ultimately make Daimler Mobility a Great Place to Work.

Financial & Social Responsibility

The healthy economic development of Daimler Mobility AG is in our interest, but that’s not all — because we are responsible for our employees and the countries and municipalities in which we operate. That’s another reason why our top priorities include the prudent management of our corporate resources, careful consideration of our investments, and conscientious assessment of risks. We operate on this foundation as a company that makes well-considered decisions and lives up to its financial and social responsibilities.

Customer Focus

Concentrating on the customer — every day, every minute, every second. That’s our motto. Whether it’s the employees in the Service Center who talk with our customers every day or the employees who work in the background without direct contact with customers — we try every day to change our perspective and think not in terms of our interests as a company but on the basis of our customers’ needs. This approach gives us a very special kind of motivation. We’re satisfied only if our customers are too.

Commitment to Excellence

The premium claim of Daimler Mobility is always part of our employees’ mindset, no matter what continent they work on, what unit they are part of, and what product they are responsible for. Part of this mindset involves setting ourselves new goals, again and again, linked with a passionate commitment to providing top quality and striving for constant improvement. We channel this commitment and these efforts into the products and services we offer to our customers.


Last year Daimler AG and Ola Källenius announced the Ambition 2039 program, which will make the Group a CO2-neutral company by 2039. This is a commitment that we at Daimler Mobility AG as well are making to our customers, our employees, and the market. Our society is undergoing profound change. And that involves responsibilities for us as well. In the future, sustainability will be an even more important goal at our locations, for our products and services, and in our daily work. Because all of us can make a difference.

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