WE MOVE YOU Daimler Mobility AG finances, insures and enables mobility

As a subsidiary of Daimler AG, we specialize in financial and mobility solutions for your everyday life. Our solutions therefore range from rental, leasing and financing services through insurance to app-based mobility solutions such as car sharing, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) or innovative driving services.

For years, Daimler Mobility has been consistently developing into an integrated mobility service provider. Our goal: an comprehensive mobility ecosystem. Whether long-term financing and leasing models or short-term mobility apps - we offer mobility "from years to minutes".

Our consistent path towards becoming an integrated mobility service provider is particularly visible in our joint venture with the BMW Group. By bundling the mobility services of both companies, we are now connecting more than 75 million customers worldwide. We are also working on expanding existing mobility segments and entering new ones in order to steadily expand our customer base.

At the same time, we are creating the necessary key skills for the automated and autonomous fleet business - on our own and in cooperation with partners. Our goal: We always want to offer our customers tailor-made solutions for every situation in life - we call this Mobility at your fingertips.

Financial and mobility solutions

Nevertheless, we are not ignoring the business that made us great: Tailor-made financing and leasing offers. Because they accelerate our automotive business. One of the most important success factors is our attractive and innovative range of vehicle financing and insurance services.

Daimler Mobility finances and leases every second new vehicle of the Daimler Group worldwide - and its international portfolio continues to grow. Daimler Mobility once again set a new record in 2018 with a 10 percent increase in new leasing and financing contracts. We intend to continue our strategy of profitable growth consistently and at a rapid pace.

Our holistic mobility ecosystem enables a new type of mobility for private customers, companies, but also for entire cities and municipalities.

In our business area, we finance mobility, we insure mobility. At the same time, financial services will remain a fundamental component of our business unit.

Harald Wilhelm Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Finance & Controlling and Daimler Mobility

Daimler Mobility AG is positioned for the future with its three core activities of financial services, fleet management and digital mobility solutions. We already offer our customers "Mobility from Years to Minutes".

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Our mobility solutions in detail

Since 2009, we have been collaborating with various mobility service providers for comprehensive urban mobility to meet the increased demands and needs of our customers and anticipate future needs. Our mobility portfolio is as wide-ranging as the mobility needs of our customers Interne and at the same time strengthens our core activity of digital mobility solutions.

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As a basic principle, innovative mobility only works for us with the latest technologies that we apply and shape. These include artificial intelligence, blockchain or data analytics. We research and develop the future of mobility - whether in autonomous driving, electric mobility, our financing offers or the search for the best mobility services - all with one goal: We finance, insure and enable mobility!

That is why we have summarized our purpose in three simple words: WE MOVE YOU. It is our understanding of a new era of mobility.

WE MOVE YOU - a short explanation

The energy, passion and collective efforts of every employee within our company are geared toward creating meaningful life experiences for our customers. Because we care. We care about our customers; we care about the experiences they have with us, and we care about our employees. Further, we care about our communities and helping them advance.

Every movement has its source. We are enabling mobility. “We move” underscores our forward drive, to constantly evolve and be first movers. This also means we are bold in what we do. It’s our attitude. It builds on Gottlieb Daimler‘s famous guiding principle, “the best or nothing.” Bold is to try new things, take risks, be willing to change when you’re at your best. It defines how we live our lives and operate our business.

We all have an inner desire to explore, to move, to find out what’s around the next corner. Exploration has opened the world. As a comprehensive mobility provider, we cater to that desire to explore. Moving in luxury vehicles, shared cars or autonomous cars, we put mobility at your fingertips.

We are focused on shaping the future of mobility and how mobility is used. With our expertise, we are shaping cities and how mobility is experienced. When it comes to navigating life through exploration, we open up unknown possibilities, offer new roads and bring people to places where they can express themselves with mobility choices.

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