Urban Mobility in Oslo

May 24, 2019 - More than 2,500 participants attended the Urban Future Global Conference 2019 (UFGC19) in Oslo this week, Europe's largest event for sustainable cities. The Urban Mobility Team of Daimler Financial Services was also present in a mixture of lectures, panels and exhibition stands.

Cities account for more than 75% of all greenhouse gas emissions. So it depends on how we develop our cities. In Oslo, young executives and stakeholders from politics, urban planning and business exchanged great ideas and visions for the future. Beyond that, more than 40 excursions and 20 side events at the Urban Future Global Conference 2019 explored how Oslo won the prestigious Green Capital Award and shaped the city of the future.

At Daimler Financial and Daimler Mobility Services the pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. We are aiming for integrated urban mobility solutions and envision cities with higher quality of life. Our cross division Urban Mobility Team around Daniel Deparis, Head of Urban Mobility, is fostering these goals by partnering with cities to make them more livable. At Oslo, Deparis gave us a keynote thorough inside on how we and his team are envisioning these goals.

130 Years ago, we invented mobility with the first car. Now we are reinventing mobility again.

Daniel Deparis Head of Urban Mobility

The CASE Strategy makes this possible. We will have less congestion through live updates (Connectivity), we will reduce human-induced traffic accidents (Autonomous Mobility), we will have more people in fewer vehicles in city centers (Sharing) and a cleaner means of transportation (Electrification). Already today, Daimler offers a comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions. From services like Autonomous Services, the NOW Joint Ventures and investments in e.g. Turo and Flixmobility through vehicles like the eCitaro, eVito and eCanter.that could be viewed during the conference.

  • Vision zero: accident-free, shared and highly convenient mobility
  • Mobility powered by clean energy
  • Individual mobility of continued relevance.
  • Innovative, efficient solutions for urban logistics
  • Affordable and easily accessible transportation for all citizens
  • Plurality of mobility options tailored to specific occasions and individual preferences

Customers should be encouraged to really rethink their mobility behavior. In the first step, the Urban Mobility Team wants to listen to the cities, governments and citizens in order to understand their needs and in the second step to shape them together.

We want to partner with cities to create mobility solution that make cities more livable. The most important thing is that we are take the citizen on this ride. Not only to be city-centric, but also citizen-centric.

Daniel Deparis Head of Urban Mobility

Did you know?

The European Commission awarded Oslo prestigious title "European Green Capital 2019". Oslo won because the city has implemented some of the most effective climate and environmental measures in Europe. Introducing green mobility solutions is thus essential for Oslo to reach its goal of becoming a zero emission city.

Hey Oslo, did you know: Our Urban Mobility Team can help you with that!

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