The Bridge Providing a Flexible Mobility Solution in Korea

July 20, 2020 - When it comes to mobility, efficiency and flexibility matter more than ever. To meet this demand in the Korean market where long-term car rental is on the rise, Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea launched a campaign called “The Bridge”. This mobility solution allows customers to take a rental contract and to switch over from their current model to a newly released model after one year while keeping the exact same monthly payment.

Over the last couple of years, the Korean long-term rental market (1 to 5 year) has grown nearly 20% per year. Even during COVID-19, this trend remains constant. Additionally, a new concept called 'untact' is becoming increasingly popular in Korea, pushing for technologies that reduce the need for person-to-person interaction.

Long-term rental is in High Demand in South Korea

For Mercedes-Benz Mobility Korea, this translated into offering further flexibility for our long-term rental customers who wish to drive a Mercedes-Benz. "The Bridge", currently available for E-Class and S-Class models, not only provides a digital customer journey, but also allows our customers to stay flexible even when taking up a rental contract for 3 or 4 years: after one year, they can opt for a brand new released model, while the monthly payment will remain the same.

You can find more information on the webpage of Mercedes-Benz Mobility (only in Korean).

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