SHARE NOW starts long-term rental

August 13, 2019 - From a few minutes to a week: SHARE NOW now enables rentals of a free-floating vehicle of up to seven days in response to many customer requests. Since 8 August, this option will be available to all Hamburg customers in the car2go app.

"We receive feedback that many of our customers would like to rent a vehicle for a longer period. For example, to drive away for a few days or because they spend a longer time on a business trip. We are now responding to this wish. Our smart and Mercedes-Benz models in the Hamburg fleet are now available spontaneously for any short or long journey. Being flexible on the road means that there is always exactly the offer I need," says SHARE NOW CEO Olivier Reppert.

With the pilot project, which will start in Hamburg, Vienna, Milan, and Seattle as well, SHARE NOW will first test the exact booking behavior of its customers. After evaluating the experiences of the pilots, the offer will be successively expanded.

To improve planning, the next step is to include a booking function that will allow vehicles to be pre-ordered days or weeks in advance.

With the multi-day rents in the free-floating model, we are closing a gap in the mobility needs of city residents. We want to convince even more people to travel multimodal without their vehicle.

Olivier Reppert CEO SHARE NOW

How does the rent work?

The rental process remains the same: multi-day rental is possible with an existing account from the car2go app. Customers select the desired car and package and start the rental process. After the end of the rental period, for example, after one week, the car can be parked and rented off within the business area as usual. Full refueling is not necessary. Also taxes, insurance, and parking fees - according to the parking regulations and within the Hamburg business area - are included. At co-operating petrol stations, you can continue to refuel from your car free of charge with the corresponding card. Of course, you can leave the business area during the rental period.

How many kilometers can I drive?

SHARE NOW also attaches importance to transparent prices for multi-day packages. Only a base price is charged. This includes 400 kilometers for all multi-day packages, the one-day package includes 200 kilometers. For each additional kilometer, 29 cents are charged. For example, a seven-day rental of a smart costs 199.99 euros, which is around 28.57 euros per day. A week in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class costs 259.99 euros.

Prices for long-term rentals in Hamburg

Price per day in € smart* Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz B-Class, GLA, CLA
*except smart EQ fortwo
1 69.99 79.99 89.99
2 109.99 129.99 139.99
3 139.99 159.99 169.99
4 159.99 189.99 199.99
5 179.99 219.99 229.99
6 189.99 239.99 249.99
7 199.99 259.99 269.99
Price per additional
0.29 0.29 0.29

What is SHARE NOW?

Rent a car anywhere, anytime - that's SHARE NOW. As the market leader and pioneer of free-floating car sharing, SHARE NOW is represented in 31 major cities around the world with more than 20,000 vehicles, 3,200 of which are electric. From registration to the rental process, everything functions digitally via a smartphone app. More than four million customers are already using this service.

SHARE NOW offers a sustainable solution for urban mobility and, as part of the mobility offer, makes a significant contribution to reducing traffic congestion in cities: Each carsharing car replaces up to eight private vehicles in urban traffic and is used up to six times more frequently at the same time. Old private cars are consistently replaced by low-emission and electric car-sharing vehicles. SHARE NOW operates all-electric fleets at four European locations and, with a total of 14 semi-electric locations, is the largest provider in the field of electric mobile station-independent car sharing.

Today, the carsharing provider is available in Europe and North America with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and smart vehicles and is continuously expanding its market leadership in free-floating carsharing. SHARE NOW is one of a total of five mobility services resulting from the 2019 joint venture between the BMW Group and Daimler AG. The company is headquartered in the German capital Berlin.

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