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The Mobility Blockchain Platform is a blockchain project at Daimler Mobility AG. The project aims to sustainably optimize booking and invoicing processes for mobility solutions. However, the Blockchain Factory team is pursuing an innovative approach not only with regard to the platform, but also with respect to its collaboration with startups

Blockchain Factory at Daimler Mobility AG

Initiating new processes with blockchain technology

As a provider for financial and mobility solutions, Daimler Mobility operates in two exciting areas of business that challenge ourinnovation skills each and every day. In the future, the world will need an automotive industry that is also green and sustainable as well as a financial sector that offers products that are completely digital and data-driven. That’s why we are continuously refining our products and looking for innovative new solutions, for which we sometimes also like to take unconventional approaches.

Our Blockchain Factory is an example of this. Since 2018, it has been working on ways to use blockchain technology to initiate new processes at Daimler Mobility and ideally exploit completely new areas of business. Under the leadership of Dr. Harry Behrens, the Blockchain Factory evaluates the technology’s potential with regard to payment systems, verification, data security, and token systems.

The team’s current project is the Mobility Blockchain Platform, which is innovative not only due to its pioneering technology, but also because the Blockchain Factory is striking out in new directions with its working model. Specifically, Daimler Mobility has invited six startups to work together with it on the Mobility Blockchain Platform as equal partners. What’s special about this collaboration model is that it enables development steps to be implemented much faster than usual. Moreover, it enables feedback to be immediately incorporated and project processes to be flexibly adjusted.

Further Information

Dr. Harry Behrens is Head of Blockchain Factory at Daimler Mobility. Behrens has been working intensively with Blockchain since 2012 and started the first Blockchain swarm of Daimler Mobility in 2016. In the interview, Behrens explains the opportunities and applications of Blockchain and what his Blockchain Factory is currently working on.

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Impressions of the most recent workshop

Startups and Daimler Mobility: Learning together

"The creation of a startup partnership was probably the best decision we could have made," said Behrens at a joint workshop. "We’re working together with outstanding specialists, who are experts for very specific topics. This way, we can come up with new ideas much more effectively. It’s basically about sharing ideas and information. We learn from the startups while at the same time helping them with our business experience and enabling them to operate in a business environment that goes back 100 years."

The fast and flexible progress that this work is making is also demonstrated by the project’s development to date: “It took almost no time to get from the initial idea to the implementation of the first phase when we created a showcase and the first software. In Phase 2, we would like to be ready for our first pilot project as early as this year,” says Behrens with visible delight. According to Sabrina Hiller, the benefits of such a collaboration go much further than this. Hiller works on the Startup Scouting team at Daimler Mobility, where, among other things, she is responsible for matters related to the Blockchain Factory. "It’s not just the specialist expertise and flexibility that let us get ahead, but, more importantly, our deep understanding of what partnership means," she says. "We learn what it really means to cooperate, to work together on creating a new network and an infrastructure. These insights are then incorporated back into the company at many points."

We are greatly motivated by the fact that we really feel like we’re working on a pioneering technology. This technology has the potential to sustainably change the way companies and oranisations work together and communicate with one another in the future.

Christian Haslwanter COO, Riddle&Code

We are contributing to this project by creating the technical and legal framework that will enable new business models to be initiated and various companies to be connected to one another at the same time.

Anja Wilde Head of Product, evan.network

This project is a good example of how productive and beneficial such a working model can be, because it brings different partners together along with their distinctive skills.

Oliver Naegele Founder & CEO, helix id

I love the challenge of working together with other startups on such a project and thus contributing to the future of mobility.

Georg Jürgens Director Industry Solutions, Spherity

If we can set up such a decentralized digital platform, it would be an absolute milestone the likes of which have never been seen before.

Jochen Kaßberger Founder & CEO, 51nodes

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