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August 19, 2020 - Insurance rates are a tricky thing: Insurance companies use certain defined criteria and parameters to assign customers to specific categories, which in turn have set rates no matter how carefully you drive, how much mileage you put on your vehicle each day, or which routes you take. That actually doesn’t make sense, right? That’s why modern insurance rate systems are now being used that increasingly take into account actual circumstances and behavior. Examples in the car insurance area include pay-how-you-drive insurance policies and insurance solutions that make use of telematics systems. So how does such insurance work? What type of products does Daimler Mobility offer? And is it possible to try out this new type of insurance solution?

Telematics-based insurance policies use systems that collect relevant data on a customer’s driving style directly from a unit installed in the vehicle. Such data includes the distance drivers maintain to vehicles ahead of them, how fast they drive, how long they drive for, and which routes they use. This data is sent to the insurance company in a manner that complies with strict data protection regulations. Insurance products from Daimler Mobility put all the collected data together to create a so-called driver score that can total anywhere from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest score.

Drivers can check their current score anytime at the “Mercedes me finance Portal” and then adjust their driving style if necessary. Daimler Mobility itself only receives an average score over a certain period of time, which determines the respective insurance rate. The higher this average driver score, the lower will be the insurance premium charged. In other words, customers themselves determine what they end up paying for their car insurance. At the same time, even if a customer doesn’t have a careful driving style, the insurance rate cannot be raised beyond the standard amount for each category.


Telematics is a term used to describe technologies that combine telecommunication and computer systems. More specifically, telematics technology is mainly a matter of linking data processing with data transmission. The Telematic Control Unit (TCU) installed in the vehicle records information on the customer’s driving style and behavior and then transmits this data in a manner that complies with the most stringent data protection requirements.

Pay how you drive solutions in five markets

Telematics-based insurance solutions from Daimler Mobility are known as pay how you drive or usage-based insurance. We currently offer these insurance products in five markets: Belgium, Germany, France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Depending on the country in question, factors such as driving style, as well as special discount campaigns, make it possible for customers to save up to 35% on their insurance premiums.

Flexible products like telematics-based insurance are becoming increasingly important to customers. Indeed, we are selling more and more of these insurance products in all markets, and developments in France especially have been consistently positive since we launched telematics-based insurance there in 2017.


  • Driving style: Benefit by changing the way you drive.
    Getting too close to vehicles in front of you, accelerating quickly, and braking abruptly all negatively impact your driver score. It is therefore advisable to adopt an anticipatory driving style and adjust the way you drive to the way traffic is moving in a given situation. This will not only give you a better overall score; it will also make your trips safer and more comfortable, while reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear as well.
  • Route: City, country, highway.
    Your personal driver score is also influenced by where and when you drive. You should try to avoid driving in cities when traffic is heavy. Statistically speaking, driving on country roads at night and on weekends presents the most dangerous situation. Your driver score will therefore improve if you avoid driving your car on country roads at such times.
  • Time of travel: Avoid rush-hour driving.
    Your driver score is also influenced by when you actually drive your car. For example, the risk of having an accident is higher during rush hour. This also applies to drivers with an anticipatory driving style — the accident risk is simply greater during rush hour. You should therefore avoid rush-hour traffic if you want to improve your driver score.

How is my data protected?

Pay how you drive

New in Germany: Test for three weeks with no obligation

The telematics-based insurance solution used in the German market is known as InScore. Mercedes-Benz Versicherung has been offering its customers InScore insurance since 2017. InScore has also been directly integrated into the brand partner website since August 2020.

In a new development, customers can now test InScore for three weeks without any obligation. Those who want to discover the benefits InScore offers can register here. The only requirement for participating is that you need to have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a model series for which the telematics solution is also available. You don’t need to change your existing insurance policy in order to test the solution. Registration only requires the collection of a little information, such as your name, e-mail address, and vehicle identification number.

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