Our new insurance app for dealers No paper, more transparency

July 07, 2020 - Digital and simple, that's the new insurance app from Daimler Mobility AG. The web application helps dealers to offer and sell insurance products to end customers via a completely digital process. The scalable and user-friendly point-of-sale solution in Mercedes design is now live in Portugal and can save up to 19 trees per year.

The new Insurance App for dealers is now also available in Portugal following Germany and makes it easier to sell Motor Insurance.

Where once stacks of paper documents were necessary, a browser and a web app are now all that is needed. In recent months, colleagues from Daimler Insurance Services and Daimler Mobility have jointly developed an app to create a digital, user-friendly and efficient solution for dealers and customers. Every Point of Sale (PoS) can access the web application and immediately create insurance offers with just a few clicks, without the need of a download.

Insurance App: Customer-friendly and transparent

What are the advantages of the insurance app? It not only promotes dynamic and fast processing of offers, but also provides a more customer-friendly and transparent system, completely paperless. "We wanted to regain control of the point of sale sales channel by rolling out the existing and self-developed insurance app from Germany to other markets, i.e. implementing scalability," explains Simone Graf, Business Manager of a program to standardize PoS activities in the Europe region. "This one extra makes us more competitive in the global market and creates added value.”

Business and IT work hand in hand

The cooperation between region, headquarters and market, as well as between business and IT, was based on the common principle: "winning spirit - make it happen", says Andreas Stuebs, the IT manager of the program. Despite challenges such as home office in times of COVID-19 and short-time work, the project members succeeded in ensuring efficient cooperation thanks to their great commitment and motivation. Cross-national communication and agile collaboration between business and IT were two fundamental building blocks in mastering the concept.

Insurance app saves up to 19 trees

In line with our new core value "sustainability", the app helps retailers and customers to act in an environmentally friendly manner. To illustrate the sustainability aspect, estimates were made based on the retailers' figures. In the past, around 243,000 sheets of paper were printed out annually at the PoS for insurance-related documents. This amount can now be saved by using the paperless insurance app. Customers in Portugal can also decide whether they want to be "green customers" and then receive all information on the subject in digital form. In total, the Insurance App could save up to 1012 kg CO2 if 100% of our customers decided to be "green customers", which corresponds to about 19 trees per year. It is currently estimated that about 75% of insurance customers are green customers: These small steps to reduce our carbon footprint can make a big difference in the long run and support a sustainable future of mobility services.

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