Science Fiction becomes Reality

February 28, 2019 - Over 100,000 visitors gathered this week (02/25 - 02/28/2019) at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona to discuss digital technology trends and products. Daimler also attended with a wide range of topics. Dieter Zetsche and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, kicked off the event on Monday and discussed the future of big business.

“We think the car will be the most complex part of the Internet of Things environment”, Zetsche said, “It is clear that autonomous driving will become a reality. This is the next trend we want to be part of. Many people will own cars, but there will be different ways of using cars. You will have electrification. These trends are all coming together. Science fiction is now becoming part of reality.”

Speaking robots drive through the exhibition halls

The Mobile World Congress actually makes science fiction very vivid: Speaking robots drive through the exhibition halls, give information and shake hands, Samsung presented his foldable smartphone and much revolves around the mobile phone speed 5G – at least for Germany this is still science fiction.

But what is very real is the noticeable change. More networked, faster, smarter – this also applies to the automotive industry. We at Daimler Financial Services are very familiar with this, because 2019 is also our big year of change: from Daimler Financial Services to Daimler Mobility. At this week's Mobile World Congress, we demonstrated our strong innovative strength. We live mobility – holistically. This self-image is reflected in our Purpose at Daimler Financial Services: We Move You.

Highlights of Daimler Financial Services

Transformation and change already took place last week in Berlin. Two automotive giants are building a joint powerhouse: We are talking about Share NOW, Reach NOW, Free NOW, Park NOW and Charge NOW, the joint venture of Daimler and BMW. The four CEOs also visited Barcelona on Tuesday and presented their vision of a networked mobility ecosystem.

Mobility plays a decisive role in the city of the future. Daniel Deparis presented the work of his new Urban Mobility Team on Wednesday to accompany cities on their way into a networked mobility system. “We don't believe that one size fits all!”, Deparis said, “Each city is different. Each city has different strategies and has different pain points. So we try to understand and find a customized solution together with them. The purpose of the Urban Mobility Team is to work on mutal solutions together with cities.”

The start-up world looks to 4YFN

Andrea Spielvogel from ITF presented the latest app in the turmoil at the Mercedes-Benz stand: the digital travel companion. The aim of the app is to create more road safety. Personal data from smartphones and wearable devices is evaluated and combined with real-time data such as traffic data. This results, for example, in tailor-made break reminders.

Starting as a little sister of the Mobile World Congress, the 4YFN (Four Years From Now) has meanwhile become a hip alternative program. It is THE event of the start-up world. Directly in the city center at the Placa d'Espanya more than 760 exhibiting companies gave insight into high-tech, new innovations and what can be expected in the future.

Sophia Roediger, Head of the Startup Intelligence Center (SIC): “This is our third time at 4YFN with the SIC and we are seeing how the fair becomes one of the most important platforms worldwide for startups - and thus potential innovation partners for us. To shape the mobility of the future, we need strong partners at our side. This is super power in the digital age. The 4YFN enables us to network with the best of the tech scene.

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