Interview with Franz Reiner "We need to think about mobility and beyond"

Franz Reiner has been Chairman of the Board of Management of the former Daimler Financial Services AG since June 1, 2019. Reiner sees great opportunities in the renaming of the company to Daimler Mobility AG - for the customer, but also for Daimler AG. Reiner about the future of mobility, the new fellow divisions Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG as well as open questions about autonomous fleets.

Mr. Reiner, Daimler Financial Services AG is now called Daimler Mobility AG. What is the path that the Board of Management and you want to take with this change of name?

There are around 13,000 employees committed to Daimler Mobility who have been working on the topic of mobility with passion and enthusiasm for many years. For us, mobility means an entire ecosystem: financing, leasing, insurance, rental and fleet management. We also invest in mobility apps and digital solutions. We took this holistic approach before we changed our name and are now pursuing it consistently.

What will Daimler Mobility's cooperation with the two other divisions of Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG, look like in the future?

Ultimately, it is our mission to use our model and our ideas to make an economic contribution to the success of the company. We want to actively shape the future and the Daimler Group offers an extremely large number of opportunities for this. All our investments and divisions are based on close cooperation with our colleagues at future Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

The simplest example: every second Daimler AG vehicle is financed or leased by us. We accompany these customers over a long period of time. This creates customer loyalty and trust. But our integration with the other Daimler divisions goes much further. Through Daimler Insurance Services, we offer a direct line to Mercedes-Benz workshops in the event of damage. Our fleet solutions from Athlon support business customers in operating, managing and maintaining their fleets. In addition, we can directly integrate our rental and subscription models such as Mercedes-Benz Rent or Mercedes me Flexperience into our fleet solutions. In addition to this, there are our links from the Mobility Services around SHARE NOW and FREE NOW, which we drive forward as active shareholders. But we need to think about mobility and beyond.

In what way?

Autonomous driving will massively change the entire automotive industry. This is precisely where we ask ourselves the question: Who will be responsible for fleet management in this context in the future? Who will service these fleets? Who will ensure that the vehicles are charged or refueled? You need an operation that offers such a network.

How important is the customer in this context?

Very important! We have to keep ourselves challenged every day and ensure that we take the customer with us in all our considerations. Whether customers lease a vehicle, finance it or insure it - it's always about making our customers mobile in their everyday lives, simple and flexible. The same applies to our fleet customers. With our investments in on-demand apps and digital solutions, we also offer products that appeal to young and urban people. These are our topics, which is why we said to ourselves: Daimler Mobility is the right name for the future. WE MOVE YOU! That is our purpose that guides us and our answer as to why we exist as Daimler Mobility AG. Our task now is to fill this name with life even more strongly and comprehensively.

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Franz Reiner

Chairman of the Management Board of Daimler Mobility AG

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