Green Month of Caring Daimler Mobility supports sustainability projects

November 10, 2020 - 2,234 hours spent, 1,038 employees engaged, 157 green activities completed. These numbers are overwhelming for the first Green Month of Caring at Daimler Mobility. We learned about waste sorting, cleaned public areas and avoided plastic. Employees all over the world participated in various green activities to contribute to the Green Month of Caring.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability are core values of Daimler Mobility. This is why, we combined our popular Corporate Social Responsibility program “Day of Caring” with the topic of sustainability to the Green Month of Caring.

We integrate sustainability as a new value, step by step into our mindset. As many others I learned about pollution and cleaned up public areas to give back to the environment and the community we work and live in. I am proud of this spirit for sustainability at Daimler Mobility.

Franz Reiner CEO Daimler Mobility AG

Green Month of Caring worldwide

  • Employees in the United States participated in volunteering activities during the Virtual Week of Caring. During the week of Oct. 5-9, employees completed their selected activities and engaged in additional learning opportunities as well. In addition to activities such as writing greeting cards to elderly people, employees did cleanups in their neighborhood.
  • The colleagues in Brazil focused on the topic of "Re-use" and donated 30 toys for children in need. This annual toy donation campaign was incorporated into the Green Month of Caring since it perfectly combines the topics Sustainability and Social Responsibility.
  • "Go Green with Strava" was the motto for the Canadian colleagues. This initiative challenged participants to do their favorite activity while giving back to the environment. The results of the actions were impressive. Over a period of two weeks, 48 participants invested a total of 178 hours in various sustainable activities. These included walking or cycling to the supermarket and various clean up and recycling activities.

  • Since the Argentinian colleagues were still in quarantine, their activities centered on awareness and engagement. They were encouraged to participate in small actions such as unplugging devices, water conservation, avoiding plastic utensils, digital cleanup, etc. Some employees integrated a cleanup in their daily routine and picked up 80 cans, 50 empty cigarette cartons and many candy wrappers during the Green Month of Caring.
  • Colleagues in our Chinese office had many possibilities to participate in local Green Month of Caring activities. Some of them joined lectures on how to sort waste properly and how to reduce plastic in everyday life. Other brought their own lunch to the office instead of ordering food from a delivery service. By doing so they saved a lot of plastic waste.
  • One cleanup and two virtual workshops were organized by our Swedish colleagues. A team of 23 employees enjoyed a full day cleanup experience, including an information session and quiz. In total, they picked up 136 kg of trash in a public park in Malmö. In contrary to this physical activity, Swedish and Danish colleagues could participate in two virtual workshops “Plastic is not Fantastic”.
  • In Germany 43 volunteers picked up trash in public areas around the offices in Stuttgart. It took them two hours to collect 13 bags of trash. Employees of the neighbor Theaterhaus Stuttgart supported the team of Daimler Mobility in this cleanup.

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