FREE NOW starts new booking option "Screen"

June 09, 2020 - Our Ridehailing Joint Venture FREE NOW is integrating a new type of service. With the "Screen" booking option, customers can now order a taxi or rental car with a protective wall between the driver and passenger areas via the app at no extra charge.

Even with the outbreak of COVID-19, FREE NOW initiated immediate security measures to protect its passengers and its connected drivers. In addition to the introduction of various hygiene measures, over 10,000 partition walls were distributed to contractors and partners throughout Europe. With the new service option, vehicles equipped with this protective device can now be booked explicitly via the FREE NOW app.

FREE NOW survey confirmed: Customers prefer to play it safe

Alexander Mönch, head of FREE NOW in Germany, confirms this trend: "The COVID-19 pandemic is awakening a different consciousness in many of us. This is also evident in people's mobility behavior. Although our services are once again increasing in demand and use, passengers are paying more attention to their health and safety than ever before. This is also confirmed by our customer survey, which results we recently evaluated. As Europe's largest mobility platform with over 14 million customers, we are committed to ensure that all passengers and users, especially those belonging to a risk group, reach their destination safely, stress-free, and comfortably at all times.

FREE NOW continues to support drivers and entrepreneurs in retrofitting their vehicles

With the new "Screen" option , customers in all major German cities can now order a vehicle with a partition wall in a targeted manner via the FREE NOW App. More than half of the currently active fleet has already been equipped with it and is currently on the roads. "With the current offer, we can already deliver a vehicle with a partition wall to the pick-up location of their choice within minutes. We are still in close contact with manufacturers and cooperation partners to retrofit additional vehicles. If a taxi or rental car with the "Screen" option is not available when demand is high, FREE NOW will offer the customer a vehicle without this addition as an alternative. "Of course, our affiliated drivers are also required to comply with the necessary hygiene regulations and to disinfect the vehicles regularly," adds Alexander Mönch.

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