Daimler Financial Service invests in heycar

Daimler Financial Services is closing a gap in the salesmarket: The used car market is booming and is already twice as big as that for new cars. Almost one third of all used car purchases are made online.

heycar is an offer platform for the brand-neutral used car trade. Connected are over 1,000 groups of dealers with over 300,000 vehicles. But not all can sell their vehicles on the platform. The vehicles must meet certain criteria: For example, they may not have driven more than eight years or more than 150,000 km. Furthermore, heycar is a pure B2C platform for dealers.

Simply calculate the appropriate installment

Apart from the dealers, it is above all the customers who will be addressed by the latest developments on the heycar platform: In order to be able to offer customers even more service, the rate calculator was recently integrated, which is intended to facilitate the decision of prospective customers.

"With a few simple data the customers receive a financing suggestion - thereby they can select between 3-way financing, standard financing, private leasing and private leasing plus," explains product manager Florian Kreutzer.

"If the dealer offer is financed via the Mercedes-Benz Bank, the customer benefits from all the advantages one enjoys when financing via the Mercedes-Benz Bank."

Offer of the Mercedes-Benz Bank

The rate calculator is a service offered by Mercedes-Benz Bank to Mercedes and smart dealers connected to heycar. Individual adjustments can be made at any time.

"The rates we calculate are a suggestion of how the customer could optimally finance the vehicle," explains Martin Dejas. "The dealer can make other additional offers." The customer can send his enquiry directly to the dealer via a contact button on the website.

With the installment calculator, the purchase decision can be made easier and direct contact between customer and dealer can be started. The Installment Calculator is also a completely non-binding service offer for the customer that does not oblige him to anything.

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