Electric mobility in the vehicle fleet Athlon e-Mobility

October 30, 2020 - Companies in particular are showing growing interest in electrifying their vehicle fleets. This improves the corporate image and fits in with the sustainability strategy of many companies. Through our Fleet Mobility Provider Athlon, companies can obtain everything from a single source: from e-mobility consulting, to the procurement of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, to the installation of a suitable charging infrastructure and a uniform accounting model.

Athlon provides all-in e-mobility solutions in their markets together with expert partners. This way, all your needs for the transition to electric mobility are covered. They offer three building essential components: The lease of electric cars or plug-in hybrids, the financing and installation of charging stations and a charging card. With Athlon e-mobility, barriers to e-mobility are broken down and it becomes easy for employees to use the e-vehicles.

The advantages of Athlon e-Mobility:

1. We assess your needs for a charging infrastructure and advise you on the choice of vehicles.

2. We set up charging points in the company or at the employee's home. The financing of the charging stations is integrated into the monthly rental installments.

3. We provide access to public charging networks.

For all charging processes in the company, at home or within the public charging network, employees use only one charging card. In some markets, charging stations are stored in an app and are therefore easy to locate. In these cases, an online portal provides fleet managers with a detailed list of all charging processes of their employees. Another possibility is that visitors or employees of other companies can also use your charging points at a rate determined by you.

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