Amazing company culture

Yvonne Rosslenbroich, member of the Daimler Financial Services Board of Management responsible for Human Resources, talks about characteristics of good leaders and the "amazing company culture".

What do you think makes our business culture so exceptional?

I believe that our culture is based on people being able to trust each other with a good conscience. Where does that come from? We at Daimler Financial Services share common values. Integrity is the core of our corporate culture. Only on this base, can a leadership culture that is geared towards empowerment and self-responsibility be established. If I can trust people and assume that they behave responsibly and give their best, then they are fully empowered.

Let's take a look into the future: What major challenge do you see in Human Resources?

At Daimler Financial Services we have a unique corporate culture. Therefore, I see a major challenge in keeping and enhancing this exceptional asset.Our managers shape the further development of our corporate culture, for example by promoting a pioneering spirit through the responsibility and trust of our employees. Also our initiative, Leadership 2020, is important because it helps us to further develop our culture of cooperation and leadership in order to remain at the top. In the end, a good corporate culture is the basis for economic success.

Can you give examples?

Questions that concern all of us are, for example, how we acquire and develop digital competencies. In addition, the digitization of our personnel processes has high priority. This is the basis for developing Daimler Financial Services into an even more strategic partner. Our organization lives for and through its employees - which is why we take their feedback seriously. Of course, there is always room for improvement and that's why the 'Great Place to Work' or New Daimler Employee Survey is important. We are all responsible for a great workplace, because a good corporate culture is built on good leadership and motivated employees.

How would you describe your own ideal boss with three adjectives?

In general, as a manager you should like to deal with people and be accessible to your employees. This includes an open ear for feedback. In addition, a good manager should be adaptable and understand when 'Leading from behind' or 'Leading from the middle' is more appropriate than 'Leading from the top'. After all, a good manager should be able to inspire his employees. And - if I may add another point - to be trustworthy, a good leader should always remain authentic.

You are currently the only woman on the Board of Management. Do women lead differently from men - and if so, how?

Diversity is very important to me. Still, I don't think that women and men lead differently. Of course, there are various leadership styles - but you shouldn't reduce them exclusively to gender. Cultural influences, for example, are just as important: In Germany, we often expect managers to be as factual as possible. In other cultures, emotions can indeed be a good thing. In my opinion, having diverse experiences and perspectives in a team is always very valuable - and of course using this diversity in a constructive way.

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